Tartan Edition III

Tartan is produced slowly and carefully in small quantities. When you purchase a Tartan product you are investing in a thoughtfully designed garment of the highest quality and making a choice to reduce your impact.

Certification: Tartan uses 100% organic silk certified by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS certification guarantees that our silk is produced without the use of toxins, bleach, heavy metals and formaldehyde. GOTS certification also assures us that the working conditions in our supply chain are fair and safe. 

Repair: Every Tartan garment comes with an envelope style swintag (made from recycled paper) containing an organic silk fabric patch and matching thread for mindful mending and repairs. With minimal intervention and gentle hand washing your Tartan organic silk slip will last long into the future, save your mending kit to further extend it's life and character. 

Refresh: If your colour needs a refresh down the track, contact us at online@poepke.com for bespoke dye options. 

Recycle: Finally, if a time comes where you find that your Tartan piece no longer serves you, please recycle it with us. It may become a piece of art in one of our artist collaborations or part of a new garment, we will put it to good use. 

Tartan Edition III was shot on location at the studio of artist Jedda Daisy Culley.  https://www.instagram.com/jeddadaisyculley/?hl=en

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