Vermeer Studio

Vermeer Studio is the collaboration of two best friends, Gabriel Krestensen and Tané Meiring who sculpt stones, beads and metal into subtle adornments that take in the light as you move, or frame your clavicle or nape just so. The beauty of their pieces is the way they drape or dangle next to your skin, riding the wave between playful, sexy and feminine.

Gabriel and Tané began creating jewellery in 2018, with skills taught and passed down to them from Gabriel’s mum. They fell in love with the design process right away and found something therapeutic about choosing colours and designs that spoke to them. 

The pair had dreamt of creating together since their early teens as their styles really complimented and inspired one another.

The array of colours and textures available in natural materials always had them in awe. They have a unique attachment to each piece they create, the materials inspiring them in different ways and evoking a different feeling. 

After they have completed a piece and know how it feels, they choose name’s that match its character and personality. You can find new pieces from the Vermeer Studio Collection in store and online now. 

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